Coopers Edge Map and Street Directory

You may want a directory of local services, or local government information.

Coopers Edge Street Map and Index.
Here is the latest map in a downloadable and printable version, followed by a screen version:

Street index Aug 2011
Arlington Road – D3
Barratt sales office – C6
Beamont Walk – D4/E4
Bovis sales office – E5
Cannon Corner – C5
Carter Close – D4
Coopers Edge Primary School – D5/D6
David Wilson sales office – B1/B2
Daunt Road – C4
Eden Stone sales office – B4
Gambet Road – E4
Gamecock Close – B3/C3/B4/C4
Gauntlet Road – B4/C4
Guan Road – E6
Golden Arrow Way – B3
Grebe Gardens – E5
Grouse Gardens – E5
Juniper Way – C1/C2
Lancaster Road – C3
Lewis Close – D3
Lobleys Drive – A1/B1/B2/B3/C3/D4/E4/E5
Merlin Close – C6/D6
Persimmon sales office – C3
Roselle Drive – C3/D3
Sapphire Way – C5
Stearman Road – B3/C3
Stearman Walk – D4
Temporary Community Centre – 6A/6B/6C
Typhoon Way – 5D/5C/4C/
Willow Close – B2/C2
Wotton Brook – E6/D5/D4/D3/D2/D1
Yew Tree Road – B2/C2
Zura Avenue – D5

Street map of Coopers Edge


6 Responses to Coopers Edge Map and Street Directory

  1. sue says:

    will we ever get up dated on google and sat nav

    • jococoopersedge says:

      I presume we will one day but I don’t know when, the roads are not adopted by the council at the moment so maybe that is something to do with it.

  2. Soph says:

    Hi, i am new to coopers edge, i just wondered what the plans are for more local shops to be opening not too far from our houses. i know tesco is approx 15min walk which is not bad but are there any plans of any newsagents being opened this year or next,

    • jococoopersedge says:

      there are supposed to be local shops eventually on the land by the bus stop at typhoon way, though we have no dates yet, and no types of shops seem to be firmly committed

  3. Howard Timms says:

    Sat navigation software updates contain all the roads currently occupied — but most sat nav owners don’t or can’t update their software. Google maps have not been updated in the last 2 1/2 years. Gloucestshire County council maps online are fully up-to-date, but no-one can find them.
    I had to build our maps from scratch. Howard Timms

  4. katie barrow says:

    hi if you try its more up to date and can be updated easily by anyone 🙂

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